Ukraine’s government on Thursday brought criminal charges against 10 Russian soldiers the government alleges were involved in the torture of civilians in Bucha, the first war crime charges the country has filed since hundreds of bodies were discovered in the northwest suburb of Kyiv after Russian forces left the area.

Key Facts

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In a Facebook post on Thursday, Ukraine’s General Prosecutor Iryna Venediktova said she had filed charges against soldiers of various ranks from the 64th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade, including sergeants, privates and corporals.

In her post, Venediktova called Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision earlier this month to award the brigade the honorary title of “guards” for “mass heroism” proof that the Bucha massacre was orchestrated by the Russian leader.

Venediktova said that a short investigation had uncovered that the soldiers captured unarmed civilians and held them hostage, starving, torturing and beating them.

The Ukrainian prosecutor also accused the soldiers of robbing the Bucha civilians and taking their personal belongings.