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Theater on Podil in Kyiv, Ukraine, reopened over the weekend for the first time since Russia invaded the country, Associated Press reportsThe latest in Ukraine marks the cultural institution to reopen its doors as Russia’s military campaign moves away from Kyiv and focuses more on the country’s eastern region.

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Theater on Podil reopens for a series of sold-out performances, AP reportsand theater Website Shows that many of the upcoming exhibits are already sold out by the end of June.

Actor Yuri Felipenko told the news agency that shows were being done with only a few actors and the theater’s website have warned that if an air raid occurs, all spectators and theater staff will go to a shelter and then either resume after the performance is over, or the next morning if it lasts more than an hour and a curfew is called .

The theater’s reopening followed the opera’s reopening in Kyiv at the end of May, even Guardian reports Many artists and musicians are either still abroad or fighting in wars.

Many theaters have also reopened in Ukraine, Ukrainian film buyer Polina Schlich said. Rolling stoneAnd movies were playing in at least 129 theaters over the weekend of the Box Office Mojo show May 26-29—Only from at least 21 theaters May 12-15 and 11 theaters April 21-24,

Some museums have also reopened in Ukraine, including several branches of the National Art Gallery in Lviv. new York Times reports Started reopening in early May.