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located in Geneva united nations human rights council Adopted a oath Recognizing access to a “safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment” as a fundamental human right first pushback from the United States and the United Kingdom.

important facts

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Remedy 43. passed with vote In favor and not against anyone, but with the avoidance of China, India, Japan and Russia.

It was initially proposed by 22 countries including Finland, Germany and North Macedonia, as well as Fiji and the Maldives – island nations that Specially To be embroiled in a blow or accident Because of the climate emergency.

Although the proposal is not binding, it encourages states to adopt environmental protection, and pressures them to join. More than 100 Countries which have some constitutional measures regarding healthy environment, Advocates say.

big number

13.7 million. This is the number of environmental deaths in a year According For the World Health Organization, the equivalent of about 24% of all global deaths.

main background

Reuters informed of That the United States and the United Kingdom voted to vote cited legal concerns, but Britain ultimately voted for the resolution, while the US could not vote because it is not one of the 47 members of the council. No country has constitutional safeguards to ensure the right to a healthy environment United Nations Environment Programme.

what to see

The 26th Climate Change Conference of the United Nations, known as COP26, will be held The month-end is expected to attract big names including those in Glasgow, Scotland, and Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II as well as international heads of state. extreme weather events are becoming more common around the world, Including Devastating floods, wildfires and droughts. Earlier this year its Secretary-General of the United Nations declared a “red code for humanity” after the release of an intergovernmental report detailing the devastating effects of man-made climate change.

United Nations passes resolution to make clean environment a human right“(Reuters)

A clean environment can become a UN human rights. Not so fast, say US, UK“(Reuters)

“‘Red Code for Humanity’: Humans Driving ‘Unprecedented’ Climate Change, UN Report Finds” (Businesshala)