Unlock Your Next Step With Datacamp: Save Up to 67% on In-Demand Data Upskilling R Bloggers

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Unlock your next step with Datacamp: Save up to 67% on on-demand data upskilling

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For a limited time, save up to 67% on a DataCamp Premium subscription and unlock 410+ interactive courses for all levels in R, Python, SQL, Power BI, and more. Alongside this, access bespoke career and skills tracks, projects, challenges and industry-leading certifications to stand out.

Just follow the link here.

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Upcoming free DataCamp content to enhance your data learning journey

Radar: Leading the Age of Data

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Presented by DataCamp, Radar is a free data science summit of industry experts designed to help aspiring data professionals accelerate their data learning and build stronger careers in 2023.

Gain a deeper understanding of the skills industry leaders are looking for. Learn to navigate the growing data talent pool, and uncover insights on the most pressing data opportunities through a mix of sessions from world-class organizations like Tableau, Alertex, Click, Salesforce, JetBrains, Google, CBRE, and more .

An unmissable event for anyone looking to strengthen their comprehensive data skills and accelerate their career.

March 22-23, 2023, 9am to 3pm EST. Register now for free.

State of Data Literacy 2023

Data literacy is the most important skill behind basic computer skills, according to 87% of business leaders.

Commissioned by Datacamp, The State of Data Literacy is a free download report that examines the current state of the global data skills revolution. For real-world accuracy, Datacamp surveyed over 550 business leaders to uncover how they’re leading the data skills revolution, including

What data literacy means and the transformational benefits it brings, the key skills business leaders are looking for and why (to help you prepare for your data learning, discover the upskilling gap Great) What is the future of data skills for individuals, organizations and society

For the full report, including a deep dive into the key data skills employers are looking for, download your free copy today.


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