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Texas officials ended their timeline Friday on the police’s response to the mass shooting at Rob Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday that killed 21 and injured 17, as it emerged that some parents pleaded with the authorities to go inside the school to save her. Their children were gunned down while police waited for a response from tactical units as the incident commander classified the situation as a suspected suspect.

Key Facts

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11:27 am, Tuesday: According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, a teacher opened the exterior door of Rob Elementary.

11:28 am: Uvalde police received the first reports of a crashed vehicle and a man with a backpack, some form of body armor and armed with a rifle.

The suspect, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, jumped from the passenger side of the vehicle and drove across the road from the rubble to a funeral home, where he opened fire at two people in the funeral home’s parking lot, who fled with injuries.

Juan Carranza, who lives across the street from Rob’s Elementary, Told The Associated Press saw Ramos crash his truck into a ditch outside the school, grabbed a rifle and opened fire at people outside the funeral home.

11:31 am: Ramos begins firing at classes while walking down the road toward the school, as responding officers responding to reports of an accidental vehicle, drive by the suspect and the man with the gun near the funeral home. Ramos then climbed over a fence in the school’s parking lot and continued to fire at the school.

11:33 am: Ramos walked into the school through the open door. DPS officials said in previous statements that a school resource officer who confronted the suspect before entering the school was not accurate—according to the DPS, the school officer was “not on campus” that day. Director Steve McGraw, however, responded after the school official heard the 911 call.

Ramos passed through several hallways before entering classes 111 and 112, firing at least 100 rounds within minutes of entering the school.

11:35 am.: The first three Uvalde police officers at the scene enter the school through the same door Ramos used, followed by four other officers.

Two of the seven officers received serious wounds from firing from Ramos from inside a closed classroom.

11:37 am to 11:44 am: Ramos fired at least 16 additional rounds.

11:43 am: That’s when the school announced it was going on lockdown, local news outlet KSAT reportwho at the same time Uvalde police deployment of Facebook is asking people to avoid the school area due to the presence of police in large numbers.

11:44 am: Several law enforcement agencies arrive at the scene and attempt to enter, but are forced to back down when Ramos fires at them.

DPS South Texas regional director Victor Ascalon said during a press conference Thursday afternoon that officers were working to evacuate students and teachers, requesting tactical units and special equipment, but Escalon did not address reports that some Responding officers first evacuated their children.

11:51 am: A police constable and additional agents started arriving at the scene.

12:03 pm: A 911 caller from inside room 112 whispers to the operator, “He’s in room 112,” while there were 19 officers in the school hallway at the same time.

12:10 pm: The caller called back and said that several people were killed.

12:15 pm: Members of BORTAC, an elite US Border Patrol tactical team, arrive at the scene.

12:16 pm: The 911 caller called again and said that eight to nine students were still alive inside room 112.

12:17 PM: The Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District posts on its Facebook and Twitter accounts that there was an active shooter at the school.

12:19 PM: A man in room 111 called 911, but hung up after another student asked him to call.

12:21 pm: In Room 111 the caller called again, and three gunshots could be heard on the call.

12:21 pm: Shields and other protective equipment for officers arrive at the scene, and law enforcement begins walking down the hallway—about an hour after Ramos entered the school.

12:47 pm A student in room 111 called 911 again and said, “Please send the police now.”

12:50 pm: Law enforcement broke into the closed doors of the classrooms using keys obtained from a janitor, and killed the gunman after Ramos had barricaded himself inside the classrooms.

12:51 pm: On the 911 call, officers can be heard escorting the children out of the rooms.

1:06 pm: The Uvalde Police Department wrote in an update on Facebook that the shooter was in police custody – about two hours after the first 911 call was received.

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