Uvalde, Texas elementary school shooting spurs Sen. Chris Murphy to ask lawmakers ‘What are we doing? Why are we here?’

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,“What are we doing? Why are you here, if not to solve an existential problem like this?”,

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That Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy was addressing the Senate Tuesday afternoon, responding to reports that 14 children and a teacher were shot and killed at an Uvalde, Texas elementary school.

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Murphy was elected in 2012, just a month before 20 children and six teachers were shot dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn. The Democratic senator has advocated for gun-control and gun-safety bills for a decade, and Tuesday’s massacre in Texas prompted him to deliver an emotional speech on the Senate floor.

He said, “I am here to beg on this floor, get down on my hands and knees to beg my colleagues, here to find a way forward.” “Work with us to pass laws that make this less likely.”

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He asked again and again, “What are we doing? Why have we come here?” In his nearly five-minute speech, he called for Congress’ inaction on guns after repeated mass shootings across the country. Shooting at Rob Elementary School in Uvalde Texas Tuesday is the 27th school shooting in the United States so far this year. And it comes less than two weeks after a gunman opened fire on A supermarket in Buffalo, New York, In which the authorities killed 10 black shopkeepers and workers in what they described as a hate crime.

“It only happens in this country, nowhere else,” Murphy said. “Nowhere else do little kids go to school thinking they’ll be shot that day… not anywhere else but here in the United States. And that’s an option, it’s our choice to let it continue.” What are we doing?”

The video of his speech went viral on Tuesday evening, prompting Murphy’s name to trend on Twitter.

Here’s the full text of Murphy’s speech:

Mr President:

14 children have just died in an elementary school in Texas.

What are we doing? What are we doing?

Just days after a shooter walked into the grocery store to shoot African-American patrons, we have another Sandy Hook on our hands. What are we doing?

There are more mass shootings than there are days in the year.

Our kids are living in fear every time they step into the classroom because they think they are going to be next.

What are we doing?

Why do you spend all this time running for the United States Senate, why do you go through all the hassle of getting this job, putting yourself in a position of authority, if your answer – as this slaughter grows, As our kids run for their lives – nothing we do?

What are we doing? Why are you here, if not to solve such an existential problem?

It is not inevitable. These kids were not unlucky. This happens only in this country and nowhere else. Elsewhere, young children do not go to school thinking that they will be shot that day. Parents don’t have to talk to their kids anywhere else, as I’ve had to, why did they lock up in the bathroom and say shut up for five minutes if a bad guy enters that building? . This doesn’t happen anywhere else but here in the United States. And it’s a choice, it’s our choice to let it go

What are we doing?

At Sandy Hook Elementary School, after those kids were back in those classes, they had to adopt an exercise that would have a safe word that the kids would say if they started thinking about that day. If they started having nightmares during the day, they were trying to escape from school, stepping on the bodies of their classmates. That word in one class was “monkey”. And over and over again throughout the day, the children stood up and shouted “Monkey!” And a teacher or paraprofessional would have to go to the child, take them out of the classroom to talk to them about what they saw, work on their issues.

Sandy Hook will never be the same. This community in Texas will never be the same.

Why, why are we here, if not trying to ensure that there are fewer schools, fewer communities going through the Sandy Hook that Uvalde is passing through? Our hearts are breaking for these families. For every ounce of love and thoughts and prayers that we can send, we are sending.

But I am here on this floor to beg, to get down on my hands and knees to beg my comrades, to find a way forward here. Work with us to find a way to pass laws that make this less likely.

I understand that my Republican colleagues will not agree with everything I suggest, but there is a common denominator that we can find. There is a place where we can compromise. It cannot guarantee that America will never see mass shootings again, which cannot overnight cut the number of murders in the US in half. This will not by itself solve the problem of American violence. But by doing something, we at least stop sending this quiet message of support to these killers, whose minds are breaking, who see the highest level of government doing nothing after the shooting.

What are we doing?

why are we here?

What are we doing?

I give the floor

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