Video game industry giant Activision Blizzard on Tuesday denied reports that CEO Bobby Kotick was aware of serious allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct at his company for years.

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Charges surfaced against Kotick, the company’s CEO since 1991 wall street journal on Tuesday, The article claimed that Kotick was aware of allegations of serious sexual harassment within the company, despite publicly claiming that he was unaware of most of them and worked to keep the board in the dark.

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Specially, magazine Citing an email sent to Kotick in 2018 in which a lawyer threatened legal action against Activision Blizzard on behalf of his client, a former employee of assistant Sledgehammer Games, who raped her on a male supervisor in 2016 and 2017 charged to. The employee also accused the company. Even after reporting the incident, the Human Resource Department did not take any action. Activision Blizzard later settled out of court with the employee, although the terms of the agreement are currently unknown,

newsweek Could not independently verify the email cited by wall street journal,

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Activision Blizzard responded to the report It was published the same day, denying that he was aware of Kotick’s inaction on any charges and emphasizing the company’s efforts to reform its policies in the wake of the bombing allegations against it.

“We are disappointed Wall Street Journals The report, which presents the deceptive view of Activision Blizzard and our CEO,” read the statement. “Instances of sexual misconduct that were brought to their attention were acted upon. NS WSJ It ignores the significant changes underway to make it the industry’s most welcoming and inclusive workplace and fails to account for the efforts of the thousands of employees who work hard every day to live up to their and our values.

“A constant desire to be better has always differentiated this company. That is why, at the direction of Mr. Kotick, we have made significant improvements, including a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate conduct. And that is why we stand firm. Moving forward the focus, momentum and resources to continue growing diversity in our company and industry and to ensure that every employee comes to work feeling valued, safe, respected and inspired. We won’t stop when As of now, we don’t have the best workplace for our team.”

Activision Blizzard told wall street journal That Kotik is “reasonably expected to be updated on all personnel issues.” The company board also told the outlet that Kotick never attempted to downplay the issue of workplace malpractice and was “notified at all times with regard to the state of regulatory affairs.”