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After a prolonged COVID break we are delighted to announce the upcoming ViennaR Meetup on Thursday, November 10th! I

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The (live) meetup is hosted at TU Vienna, the legendary Goldenes Lamm, Seminar 107/1 – where some of the R-Core magic happened.

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Note, that this meetup is hybrid and is virtually available through Zoom as well. If you wish to participate virtually, please register separately at International guests welcome!

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Agenda 18:00 Doors open 18:15 Introduction (15 mins, start of virtual meetup) 18:30 PDFmol – Extracting Tables from PDF Files (Florian Schwender) 19:15 Holliglum – Composite Generalized Linear Model (Benjamin Schwender) 20:00 ( Finished) ) Description


to read the data either

In principle, any package that returns data in the same format can be used. The packages pdfminer and pdfboxr can be used if the PDF-file already stores text (in most cases) if only images of tables Tesseract can be used in the PDF.


holy glam

The overall linear regression extends the classical best subset selection problem by adding additional constraints designed to improve the quality of the model. These constraints include sparse-inducing constraints, signal-coherence constraints, and linear constraints. The R package holliglum provides functionality to model and fit composite generalized linear models. Using state-of-the-art conic mixed-integer solvers, the package can reliably solve GLMs for Gaussian, binomial and Poisson reactions with multiple composite constraints. The higher-level interface simplifies constraint specification and can be used as a drop-in replacement for the stats::glm() function.


Please feel free to join the networking session at the nearby pub.


Your ViennaR Organizer

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