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Demonstrations that began peacefully on Sunday turned violent in the Belgian capital Brussels to protest the lockdown measures involving some 35,000 people. Struggle To capture Europe as a continent climb number of COVID cases.

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Water cannons and tear gas were used as part of the “Together for Freedom” march on Sunday as thousands came out. France Media Agency The report “focused largely on banning unvaccinated from places like restaurants and bars.”

Five Dutch police officers were injured during protests on Saturday in The Hague as clashes were reported in other cities, while thousands took part in a comparatively peaceful march in the capital Amsterdam, a week after the Netherlands held three had resumed the week-long partial lockdown and began imposing restrictions on certain people. Location, CNN informed of.

other rallies The weekend also took place in Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Northern Ireland and the French overseas territory of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean.

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