Top Line

Washington Post Political reporter Felicia Sonmez was fired on Thursday after a clash between her and her colleagues over the newspaper’s social media policy. Different reportssparked by a sexist joke Post Journalist Dave Weigel recently retweeted.

Key Facts

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Sonmez published a series of Twitter threads over the past few days claiming that the post favors experienced, white journalists, including that it allows them to post on social media.

On Friday, Sonmez cited a joke retweeted by Weigel: “Great to work in a news outlet where retweets like this are allowed!”

Weigel has since apologized for the tweet and has been suspended for a month without pay.

Post Executive Editor Sally Buzby was sent A memo warning to the newsroom Tuesday against “attacking coworkers face-to-face or online.”

Post Spokesperson Chris Coratti Kelly said Forbes, “We don’t discuss personnel matters.”