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President Joe Biden called on lawmakers to pass “common-sense gun laws” in an emotional address Tuesday evening after a shooting at an elementary school in Texas left 18 children dead, saying “as a nation I have to ask: When in the name of God shall we stand in front of the gun lobby?”

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Biden lamented that the alleged 18-year-old shooter was able to purchase an assault weapon, adding: “In the name of God what do you need an assault weapon other than kill someone?”

The president specifically cited the federal Assault Weapons Ban – which took effect in 1994 but ended a decade later – as an example of a “common sense” policy.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said earlier on Tuesday that the shooter entered and opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, a small town about 85 miles west of San Antonio, around noon local time.

Sergeant Eric Estrada of the Texas Department of Public Safety told CNN that a total of 20 people died—including 18 children, an adult and a gunman—it’s not clear how many were injured, but Abbott said two police officers were killed. was shot and both are expected to be killed. Survived.

Estrada said officers received a call that a man had driven his vehicle into a ditch, after which the man exited the vehicle armed with a rifle and spoke to officers before entering Robb Elementary School.

Abbott identified the shooter – who was killed by police – as Salvador Ramos, a Uvald resident and former student at the school, and Abbott said that “it is being reported” that he shot his grandmother before the shooting began. Was.

Pete Arredondo, Police Chief of the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, said The shooter acted alone and officials are not looking for any other suspects.

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