Weekend reads: When tech stocks fade, where do you go?

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monthly jobs report The US unemployment rate for December saw a decline of 3.9%, even though fewer jobs were created than economists expected.

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How this affected the Federal Reserve’s thinking on interest rates, just two days after stock-market investors were stunned by Fed meeting minutes that showed some members wanted to raise not only interest rates, but the central bank’s balance sheets. Want to shrink too?

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Greg Robb concludes Economists’ responses. The low unemployment rate supports expectations that the Fed will begin raising interest rates in March, just as it has indicated it plans to do.

This may put pressure on the stock market as opportunities in the bond market will increase for yield-seeking investors. The widespread pressure on stocks can be especially painful for holders of technology stocks because of their high valuations. Indeed, the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite was once again recording a decline in the major index.

Is it finally time to convert to a value stock?
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The value stock index has outperformed the broader index so far in 2022. Mark Hulbert explains why value may be the best way through the year and shares the top picks from several newsletters.

Here’s what Wall Street pros had to say.

In conclusion, Michael Brush makes a good case for the stock market for 2022 despite all fear of rising interest rates and shares eight cheap stocks recommended by three investment newsletters.

stock screen

Cash-cow stocks may appeal to investors concerned with market volatility due to rising interest rates.

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There are several ways to examine stocks to find the stocks that best meet your investment goals. Here are five of this week’s lists:

This S&P tortoise can outrun that rabbit

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During 2020, it looked like the Ark Innovation ETF ARKK,
Partly from its largest holding, Tesla Inc. TSLA,
Which climbed 743%. Then in 2021, ARKK skidded 23%, even though Tesla was up another 50%. So far in 2022, ARKK is down another 9.5%. While Tesla has climbed a bit.

Here is a three-year chart showing the movement of the ARK and SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust SPY,


Marc DeCambre writes the ETF wrap column. This week he discussed what a “normalization policy” really is for the Federal Reserve, its pressure on technology stocks and exchange-traded funds that could be good alternatives to the ARKK as interest rates rise.

What’s up with bitcoin?

Terence Horan, Dow Jones

bitcoin btcusd,
It fell 40% to $41,469.87 at the start of January 7 from its high of $69,000 on November 10. It was down 10% since January 4, the day before the Fed minutes were released.

in this week distributed ledger Column Francis Yu explains why cryptocurrencies are falling.

More cryptocurrencies:

How the Metaverse can be used by terrorists

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When Facebook changed its name to Meta Platforms Inc. FB does it
Those who were surprised might not have realized that Facebook was already at the forefront of virtual reality through its Oculus virtual-reality tool.

The Metaverse is still being built—it’s a virtual environment that may not interest you, but it’s important to understand its potential and how it can be used to cause harm, as University of Nebraska professors Joel S. Elson, Austin C. The Doctor and Sam Hunter explain.

Is this the best job in America?

See which jobs topped Glassdoor’s annual survey based on salary, employee satisfaction, and worker demand.

inflation and breakfast

They are gr-r-rit! except when inflation is high.

Saul Loeb / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images

Tony Garcia sees what could be a potential problem for the Kellogg Company,
, other grain producers and their shareholders. One study shows the potential for a dramatic reduction in serial demand if inflation pushes prices up to 50 cents a box.

help with a retirement plan

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Alessandra Malito writes the Help Me Retirement column, which assesses how readers’ finances stack up against their retirement dreams. This week she helps a woman whose husband is seriously ill.

Retirement account “leakage” could hurt you in the long run

You may not be familiar with the term “leakage” when it comes to retirement accounts, but you should learn how damaging it can be to your nest egg, as Alicia Munnell explains.

More retirement coverage:

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