What Is The Crypto Freedom PAC Planning For The Midterm Elections?

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key takeaways

  • The Crypto Freedom PAC is supporting pro-crypto candidates for the US Senate.
  • Pro-Bitcoin candidates backed by Super PAC include Blake Masters, Ted Budd and Adam Laxalt.
  • A win from these pro-crypto candidates could be a good thing for the entire crypto industry, but only time will tell how the midterm elections pan out.

PACs, or political action committees, can be found across the political spectrum. The goals of these individual PACs include raising and spending money to support the election or defeat of a particular candidate.

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These organizations have independent spending power in federal races, which may include running advertisements to advocate for their preferred candidate, or perhaps more common, against their political opponents. While PACs are often bipartisan in nature, they are generally created to advocate for specific issues.

The Crypto Freedom PAC is one of several crypto-focused PACs that have made their way onto the political scene.

What is the Crypto Freedom Political Action Committee?

The Crypto Freedom PAC was created on June 1, 2022. As mid-term elections appear on the horizon, this is one of the many PACs making their presence felt.

The PAC lists Adam Rozanski as its treasurer and custodian of records. David McIntosh is listed as the designated agent. If you see these names floating around, you will know that they are included in the Crypto Freedom PAC.

What does the Crypto Freedom PAC want?

The purpose of Super PAC is to spend money in an effort to create a preferred election result. A Super PAC is spending money in support of particular candidates. But these organizations cannot contribute directly to a candidate’s campaign, which sets them apart from regular PACs who can contribute funds to a candidate’s campaign. When their returning candidates are elected, it is expected that the underlying interests of the Super PACs will be protected.

According to Crypto Freedom Website of Super PacIt is dedicated to helping “candidates elected to Congress who will fight for crypto freedom and against any government encroachment on digital assets.”

Super PAC continues to clarify its mission with the following statement: “We believe the only way to protect crypto is to defeat Democrats in the House and Senate this November so that we can block White House rules and Remove anti-Bitcoin senators like Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown from their powerful positions on Hill. Democrats in Congress are the rubber stamp for Biden, and he has made it clear that digital assets are [sic] In his view if we don’t fight back. ,

Crypto Freedom Pac supports crypto-friendly candidates. Although the PAC is officially non-partisan, its efforts are in line with some right-wing candidates.

What action has the Crypto Political Action Committee taken?

The Crypto Freedom PAC is relatively new, but PAC has made a splash in the political scene. Here is a list of its achievements since June.

spent millions

The Crypto Freedom PAC clearly has very deep pockets. In just a few months, Super Pac has spent more than $2.6 million. All spending went to support select Republican candidates.

According to Open Secrets, as of October 17, 2022, Super PACs spent $213,060 supporting some Republican candidates and $2,215,869 against other Republican candidates. However, the mid-term election cycle is still heating up. With that said, it is likely that this Super PAC will continue to spend big on supporting candidates with crypto-friendly ideas.

Select Support Candidates

On the Crypto Freedom PAC website, it clearly states which pro-crypto candidates it is supporting. Candidates who have received public support from this PAC include Ted Budd and Adam Laxalt, but Blake Masters, a bitcoin investor running for the US Senate in Arizona and backed by Peter Thiel, is the primary beneficiary of the PAC for now. appears to be.

During this first election cycle, it remains to be seen how effective the Crypto Freedom PAC is in helping the candidates of their choice.

How does this development affect crypto investors?

Unless you are able to happily escape the uncomfortable effects of politics, you may have noticed things heating up ahead of the midterm elections. Even if your mailbox isn’t filled with countless flyers about different candidates, you may not be able to avoid frequent political ads while watching TV, listening to the radio, or using the Internet.

When the Crypto Freedom PAC entered the political scene, it began adding its own perspectives on politics to the mix. Specifically, it has gone about promoting pro-crypto candidates who can help protect their vision of the future of crypto.

According to bitcoin magazineThe White House seems to have a direct goal of creating more regulations for cryptocurrencies. Notably, the White House released a report about the negative effects of bitcoin mining on the environment and suggested a ban on the proof-of-work process that serves as a significant component of the bitcoin market.

The Crypto Freedom PAC is working to help crypto-friendly candidates join Congress. If the PAC is successful, the proposed regulations could set the cryptocurrency market up for greater security.

As an investor, having crypto-friendly lawmakers in office can help with your portfolio, or so the theory goes. After all, the laws of the land can change. If anyone on Capitol Hill is interested in protecting the crypto markets from intervening regulations, it could cement the long-term future of crypto as an investment opportunity.

ground level

After the recent cryptocurrency market crash, many investors are quite wary of crypto. But the creation of the Crypto Freedom PAC and other pro-crypto super PACs has made it clear that there are deep-pocketed players in the crypto industry who are willing to spend money to effect policies that will affect their interests.

As a daily crypto investor, it is important to monitor how these Super PACs affect the long term future of the crypto market. But if you don’t have time to regularly monitor the notoriously volatile crypto market, you can harness the power of AI to handle it.

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