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Statista claims that Canada Post transported 389 million parcels in 2020. Furthermore, the annual revenue of the specified enterprise is set to reach $7.9 billion in 2021. And the company continues to develop rapidly. Under the Canada Post Annual Report 2021, the venture is going to increase its shipment capacity by 50% by 2030. The postal operator has many customers around the world. This is because the company actively invests in improving international postal services. For example, Canada Post spent $30 million in 2021 to refine this delivery option.

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Therefore, the described postal operator does its best to be available in as many countries around the world as possible. Thus, it is important to ensure consumers with the possibility to track their parcels from any location across the globe. For Canada Post package tracking, experts recommend using only reputable specialized platforms (eg, pkge.net). This is because unregulated sites often provide irrelevant information to their visitors. No, such platforms often contain malware that can harm users’ devices.

Canada Post Package Tracking Features for Recipients

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Customers of the mentioned postal operator can trace their parcel using the following data:

search number. There are two types of such codes. The first contains 16 digits. The second type of tracking code consists of 13 characters with numbers interspersed with letters. Recipients should contact the senders to obtain the tracking number. And if an item was ordered online, the recipient can find the code in the confirmation email letter submitted by the sender. Delivery notice card no. This code consists of 15 digits. Such numbers are written above the barcode on the delivery notice card. Cards can only be applied for packages shipped within Canadian borders. reference number. The latter can be obtained by contacting a dispatcher or by viewing a confirmation email letter (for online orders). Canada Post assigns such a code only for certain items. In addition, the postal operator may ask for the destination postcode to identify the parcel.

To track packages, recipients simply enter a tracking, delivery, or reference number in an appropriate line and press the corresponding button to begin searching for information about their items in a digital database.

Features of Canada Post Package Tracking for Senders

Here, almost everything is the same as the recipients. However, experts recommend considering some details regarding tracking numbers. So, the next three different cases can happen while shipping a parcel:

Packages are assigned 16-digit tracking codes. Such numbers are employed for domestic goods shipped within Canadian borders. Here, prepaid labels with envelopes are the exception. Senders can find a tracking number on a copy of the shipping label or receipt. Parcels are assigned tracking numbers which consist of 13 characters consisting of numbers as well as letters. These codes apply for prepaid labels and envelopes. Nay, Canada Post uses designated tracking numbers for packages shipped overseas. Item without any tracking number. Such a situation may appear if senders employed one of Canada Post’s prepaid products but did not mail their item at the time of purchase. In this case, there will be no tracking code on the receipt.

Sometimes senders lose the tracking number. So, they contact Canada Post help desk to restore the code. Here, customers should consider that the employees of the postal company cannot see the tracking number. Managers will not search for any codes, even if customers provide them with the addresses and names of the senders along with the recipients. This is for privacy reasons.

Potential Issues with Canada Post Package Tracking

Parcel may be delayed. Such situations are usually caused by unforeseen circumstances. Of the latter, experts most often highlight the following:

Road closure – which may be due to car accident, industrial accident etc.; Natural Calamities – This includes landslides, storms, etc.; Bad weather conditions – eg, heavy snowfall with snow on the roads or torrential rain.

In such cases, Canada Post sends appropriate messages to customers. Rest assured that the company does its best to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

Why do Canada Post employees leave delivery notice cards?

Usually, the designated postal company tries to deliver all the parcels directly to the receiver. However, enterprise employees sometimes cannot bring packages to recipients’ homes. This can happen in the following cases:

Items do not fit in the parcel compartments of community mailboxes that are placed more than 500 meters from receivers’ homes; Packages required a signature, and there was no one answering the door; The senders requested to discard the card; Canada Post is issuing keys to recipients’ community mailboxes.

In such cases, the recipient has to go to the post office listed on the delivery notice card. Recipients should bring notice card and ID. Recipients can send someone else to pick up their packages. A trusted person should bring the following things while visiting the post office:

Delivery notice card. The latter must be signed by a recipient and contain the written name of a trusted person. Personal ID card. A legal document or letter of attorney confirming authority to act on behalf of a receiver.

Using trusted person services, recipients can receive parcels, for example, if they are busy or cannot get to the post office.

What to do if a missing package is shown as delivered

In such cases, recipients should follow the next algorithm:

Check the address to which the parcel was sent. If this is correct, go to the following step. Otherwise, customers should contact the Canada Post Help Desk. Observe the place of delivery. Sometimes, couriers put packages in safe places near homes or leave delivery cards. Apartment owners should additionally ask their concierges. Business holders are advised to contact security of the office building. If the package still isn’t found, go to the next step. Contact the senders to submit a request for the search for the missing parcel. Here, recipients should consider that they are not entitled to file a lawsuit and demand compensation for the lost package.

After receiving the query, Canada Post personnel will begin searching for the missing parcel. They usually send notifications about search results. More details on this process can be found, for example, on PKGE.NET.

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