What the ’eck is going on in the steel market?

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MEPS – Business Reporter Client

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How a small Yorkshire company keeps the world’s biggest companies coming back every year.

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MEPS is known in the industry as a steel market analyst, but for companies that buy steel, it is a solution provider. By providing monthly prices based on completed deals, it offers some of the most reliable market data available in the industry. If you know how much everyone else is paying for their steel, you will have a much stronger negotiating position when arranging the next shipment.

Acquiring and retaining some of the leading experts in the steel supply chain is at the heart of MEPS. He hires people from the industry with experience in his client’s positions, ensuring that he always keeps the client at the center of the decision-making process.

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Hiring the best people in the industry also helps with the most important element for clients – data accuracy. Researching and collating thousands of data points from all over the world every month requires a lot of experience. Our offices are full of former steel industry professionals, buyers and sellers – people who understand what the market is and how it works.

Every year, more and more of the world’s largest companies are starting to use MEPS steel price data to help them make decisions and strategically plan. For many years, MEPS has been the European benchmark for steel price data.

A popular series of monthly steel reviews was released in 1984. These independent and exclusive publications cover the global steel market spanning 28 countries on five continents and help companies keep abreast of steel prices along with market commentary written by steel industry experts.

MEPS provides its customers with independent carbon and stainless steel price surveys from around the world, allowing customers to view the latest steel prices and indexes in all major steel consuming regions. Cost-effective 12-month steel price forecasts are available for a variety of finished steel products, so companies of all sizes and requirements can anticipate and understand how prices for a particular steel product may change over the next year.

To find out more visit mepsinternational.com.

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