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The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled two of the Biden administration’s workplace COVID-19 vaccine mandates, blocking a requirement for large private employers while allowing another one for healthcare workers – here are the federal government’s four vaccinations The requirements are now in the light of the decisions.

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The private employer rule, which requires workplaces with more than 100 employees to either be vaccinated or routine COVID-19 tests, has now been temporarily blocked as it faces trial in lower courts.

The policy first went into effect on January 4, and the mask-wearing requirements for unvaccinated workers went into effect Monday, but the federal government didn’t begin to enforce the testing requirement before the Supreme Court’s decision.

the federal government said This would require all healthcare workers to receive at least the first vaccine dose by January 27 and the second dose by February 28.

The administration’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors is also temporarily blocked after a district court judge ruled against the policy in December, but the trial is still ongoing. appeals court And has not yet reached the Supreme Court.

The vaccine requirement for federal employees is in effect, and as of December the White House reported that about 97% of employees are in compliance with the policy, according to Reuters,


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