‘What words do others at work use when talking about you?’ Master these 5 challenges to get what you want amid the Great Resignation

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The great career opportunity for anyone at the moment is not that some co-workers are leaving in a wave called the Great Resignation, but that organizations are actively reorganizing and rearranging their organization charts.

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Alterations include “who reports to whom”, which gets sidelined, the thinning of the organizational structure and which businesses are deprived of resources so that others can grow.

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Great shuffling means there’s opportunity for you—whether you want to leave your employer for something else or stay—if you can master these five challenges.

know what you want

Not enough to leave or stay. The starting place for this challenge is inside your own mind and heart. you must know what you want, Is it money, status, working conditions? more responsibility? A boss who respects you? You need to be clear, specific and very honest with yourself about this.

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As a career coach, I have worked with over 10,000 people, most of whom are executives. It’s not uncommon that even the most sophisticated job changer has trouble answering the question “what are you looking for.” Often, the answer is “I’ll know when I see it.”

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it’s a lot harder to find – and for others to help you.

know who you are

Today there is a need for careers to tell their own story and advocate for themselves. Answer these questions before seeking a new job, and you have the information you need to conduct a beautiful interview along with your personal brand statement.

Make friends

It takes a lot of people to make a successful career. Bosses, coworkers, friends, family, customers, suppliers, professors, coaches all help. The more people there are for you, the better for you. It’s rare that someone helps or recommends someone they don’t like. Enemies in the workplace don’t help you with your work.

So work hard to grow your circle of friends both within and outside your company – people in other offices, in different jobs and at different levels. Heads down, being in your dealings is prejudicial to your own interests whether you plan to leave or stay. A valuable employee is one who knows how departments and people are intertwined and have the liaison to help get things done efficiently and deftly.

The need to work across organizational boundaries, actively “partnering” with colleagues in different departments and in different countries has become the new norm. Good collaborators are creators of ideas, not just contributors or cooperators. Reaching across organizational boundaries, worrying little about credit, focusing on your best and bringing others into a room to work together is the heart of collaboration and the new way of working. Being known as a great ally is much appreciated these days.

If you’re not there yet, get there.

be ready

Not many of us are fluent in talking about ourselves. Mindful this may sound like bragging, remembering last year’s achievements can be doubly difficult when asked to comment on an achievement from three years ago and what impact it had on the company. Many people dial down achievement lingo to make sure they sound humble. Others use too many words to make the point clear,

Whether you are visiting or staying, know the facts about yourself and keep them organized.

Build your own career portfolio. If you’re on “All About Me at Work!” If you are giving a presentation, include all the information you need. Your one-sentence personal brand statement, your one-paragraph career story, current list of successes, proudest projects, and your strongest achievements are front and center. Of course your resume and list of friends willing to be a reference should be there too.

Also include all the places you’ve posted your credentials: professional organizations, company job sites, executive recruiters, employment agencies and social media sites. Review and update regularly.

introduce yourself

Final Challenge: Reinvent yourself – your boss, all previous bosses, other people you’ve worked with before, influenced by former companies, suppliers and customers.

People remember you as you were, not as you are today. Rarely do they know what you’ve learned, how you’ve contributed or what’s interesting to you these days at work. Tell them, hold them. Use happy New Years, their birthday (this is readily available on LinkedIn or Facebook) or anything else as an excuse.

The list of 30 people is not too many; That’s one day for a month. can you do this.

Landing a new job or keeping a good job is a lot of work and nothing is done differently or by itself. Your job is the economic engine for you and your family, so why leave it to whimsical or fleeting circumstances?

If all of this sounds daunting, enlist the help of your mentor, coach, or other trusted confidant. Then you will be ready for the whole great overhaul and the flourishing after that.

Karyl Innis is the Executive Coach and CEO of The Innis Company, Expert in career trends and issues.

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