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JetBlue Airways’ frequent flyer program, TrueBlue, differs from the others by offering only one level of exclusive status: Mosaic. You can earn JetBlue Elite status by flying with JetBlue and its partners or by spending enough on a JetBlue credit card.

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The value of JetBlue elite status depends on how often you use the carrier, but by our calculations, it’s generally less than legacy carriers like Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Air Lines.

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Whether you’re new to the world of frequent flyer or a seasoned professional choosing JetBlue as your preferred airline, here’s what you need to know about JetBlue Elite status.

JetBlue Mosaic: $1,987, earns up to 9x miles

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JetBlue has only one Elite level, Mosaic, which we consider comparable with other airlines’ mid-tier status.

There are three different paths to qualify for Mosaic status.

Once mosaic status is granted, look forward to an increased rate of earnings. You’ll get an additional 3x miles on top of the base 3x earned for flying JetBlue. You’ll also get an additional 3x miles for bookings on JetBlue’s website, for a total of 9x miles.

Free flight change on the same day on all fares.

Complimentary alcoholic beverages on board.

While JetBlue is not part of any major alliance, it does have a partnership with American Airlines, which allows for reciprocal elite perks that are similar to American Platinum status. When flying US, people with mosaic status will get:

FREE Main Cabin Extra Seats.

Free flight change on the same day.

Dedicated check-in and more.

Our analysis determined that people earning Mosaic status could receive an estimated value of $1,987 from it.

value of jetblue miles

If you’re going to chase JetBlue elite status, you may question how much JetBlue miles are worth. According to our most recent evaluation here at NerdWallet, a JetBlue mile is worth 1.5 cents toward travel on JetBlue. Since JetBlue’s point value is equal to a dollar, it’s difficult to extract much value from the program, making 1.5 cents a firm but attractive number.

How does the value of JetBlue Status compare to competitors

The value of JetBlue’s position is significantly lower than that of legacy mainline carriers in the US. This value will be different for everyone, but according to our analysis, JetBlue’s position has an estimated raw value that is slightly lower than Alaska, Delta and Hawaiian, and significantly lower than American.

A big factor in JetBlue’s low valuation is its inability to upgrade to business or first class on a complimentary basis. Many JetBlue aircraft do not have a business class cabin equivalent. Unfortunately, even when scoring an aircraft with Mint or Mint Studio, these prized lie-flat seats are not available as complimentary upgrades to Mosaic members.

What’s included in the current strong pricing for JetBlue elite status:

The ability to get even more space upgrades (which NerdWallet values ​​at $833).

JetBlue fee waiver (also worth $833).

Free checked bags ($333 value).

Here’s how the value of JetBlue elite status compares to other major airlines in the United States.

Should I Earn Elite Status With JetBlue This Year?

The decision to pursue JetBlue status is a personal decision that depends on your home airport and the destinations you frequent, how much you value Mosaic benefits, and how difficult or difficult it is for you to obtain Mosaic status. would be easy.

Once you earn JetBlue elite status in a particular year, you keep the status for that year and enjoy it for the entirety of the following year. If you start planning to earn Mosaic status in 2023 and earn it by July 2023, you’ll have status for the rest of 2023 and all of 2024.

It’s important to note that JetBlue is planning changes to Mosaic membership in 2023 that will likely change Mosaic benefits and the requirements to obtain it. Unfortunately, at press time the details have not yet been released.

Will you get value from the position?

The only way to get value from JetBlue elite status is to fly JetBlue and American. JetBlue has a few other airline partners, including Hawaiian, Icelandair and Qatar Airways, but you can’t get exclusive perks like upgrades, baggage allowance and increased earnings on them. You can earn points (and redeem them on Hawaiian Airlines) just at these partners.

Can You Credit Your Flights to JetBlue?

Yes, you can earn TrueBlue points on JetBlue and its airline partners if you enter your TrueBlue number, but earning Mosaic Qualify points is a different situation. Points and segments on JetBlue operated flights and flights with JetBlue vacation packages apply toward mosaic status. American Airlines flights count toward mosaic-qualifying points but not mosaic qualifying segments. Flights with another airline partner do not count in a mosaic situation.

Can Your Credit Card Earnings Help You?

JetBlue is one of the few airlines that will award elite status simply by spending on a co-branded credit card. Spend $50,000 in a calendar year on your JetBlue Business Card or JetBlue Plus Card and you’ll automatically earn Elite status.

JetBlue Elite Status Value, Recapped

If you’re asking yourself what JetBlue elite status is worth, our analysis helps answer that question and shows it’s less valuable than mid-tier elite status with other legacy carriers . However, the actual value will depend on how often you fly JetBlue and partner American Airlines and how often you can take advantage of elite perks.


value of each level

To determine the value of each elite status tier, we considered perks that have a clear value, and we discarded luxury benefits (like dedicated phone lines) that didn’t. Specifically, we considered:

Upgrade to premium seating.

Other individual program benefits with clear value.

The table below explains these benefits as well as the assumptions we have made in calculating their value.

The number of additional miles or points earned for this status level. For example, Alaska MVP members receive 50% bonus miles.

Value of offset bag fee.

The traveler takes advantage of these offset bag fees for every 10,000 miles traveled.

Complimentary upgrades to Economy Plus, Economy Comfort, etc.

Passengers are upgraded once every 2,500 miles, giving the discount that time they are upgraded to first class. We estimate the cost of these upgrades at $50 each.

Complimentary upgrade to first and business class.

We believe that the higher elite levels within a given program are more likely to be upgraded, with a maximum upgrade rate of 75% across all programs.

We estimate the cost of these upgrades at $200 each.

Complimentary upgrade certificate, such as the American Airlines Systemwide Upgrade.

Since members can choose which flights they receive upgrades for, we value them at a slightly higher $300.

The value of the change/cancellation fee that is offset by holding the position.

Passengers change or cancel one flight per 5,000 miles (i.e., 10 times for a 50,000-mile flight).

Other benefits with obvious value

Lounge membership, bonus miles etc.

Here are the crude estimated values ​​for each program tier:

cost of earning each level

Airlines offer different thresholds for achieving each status level, which can be divided into two categories:

A combination of other factors, including Elite qualifying dollars spent.

For number 1, we would estimate the cost of achieving each level as follows:

The number of miles required to earn a tier is multiplied by the average cost of miles flown (12 cents, according to a separate analysis we conducted). For example, Hawaiian requires 20,000 flown miles for gold status, so the cost to achieve this level is 20,000 x $0.12 = $2,400.

For number 2, we would estimate the cost of achieving each level as follows:

Elite qualifying dollar number divided by rent-to-cost ratio. The fare-to-cost ratio is a percentage value that represents the average “base fare” of the “total cost” of airfare (83% according to our separate analysis). For example, an AAdvantage Gold position requires $3,000 EQD, so the cost to acquire this level is $3,000 / $0.83 = $3,614.

If an airline required a combination of numbers 1 and 2, we used number 2 as the cost of earnings because it is usually more difficult to obtain. In other words, it is rare to meet the minimum expense requirement without affecting the mileage requirement.

Here are the approximate costs of earning each status tier:

how to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes the things that matter to you. Here are our picks for the best travel credit cards for 2022, including the best for:

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