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when 90 years old star trek As star William Shatner departed Blue Origin’s New Shepard plane on Wednesday after a short trip to space, he described the journey of Blue Origin (and Amazon) founder Jeff Bezos as “indescribable” — a need to convince the cameras. Here’s what the trip was like (full transcript follows) before going on an emotional and memorable rant before trying it out.

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The entertainer and three other private citizens aboard the New Shepard soared about 340,000 off the ground before landing safely in West Texas, where Bezos and others were there to greet them.

The flight lasted more than 10 minutes, According to Blue Origin, and reached speeds of 2,235 miles per hour.

Shatner became the oldest person to travel to space, and became emotionally emotional while speaking to Bezos.

full transcript

Shatner: In a way it is indescribable.

Bezos: That’s exactly what I thought. You have to work on it, it’s very hard to describe.

Shatner: Not only is it different from what you thought, it happens so quickly. You know what I am… The feeling I had, which I never expected, is shooting… and there is a new sky.

[commotion while Bezos opens champagne]

Shatner: I can’t tell you what you have… if – that’s what everyone in the world needs to do. Everyone in the world needs to see, um… it still is… It was unbelievable, it was unbelievable. I mean, you know, the little things, weightlessness. but go to see the blue challenge By, and now you’re staring into the blackness – that’s it! The blue cover was… the sheet, this blanket, this blue comforter that’s all around us, we think, ‘Oh, that’s the blue sky.’ And then all of a sudden you shoot it all of a sudden, like when you’re sleeping, you whip a sheet, and you’re looking at the blackness, the black ugliness, and you look down, There’s blue down there, and there’s black and it’s… it’s just… Mother Earth is more comfort, and there’s – what is death? I don’t know, is that death? Is death like this? Oh, and it’s gone. Jesus. It was shaking a lot for me. This experience, this is something incredible. You see, yes, you know, weightless, my belly went up… ‘How weird is that!’

But not as strange as the blue cover. That’s what I never expected! Oh, it’s one thing to say ‘Oh the sky and the thing and the fragile’ – it’s all true! But what’s not true, what’s unknown until you do is this pillow, this soft blue! Look at the beauty of that color! And it’s very thin! And you’re through it in a jiffy! What is it – how thick is it, do we know? Is it one mile, two miles? …but you’re going 2,000 mph, so you’re going 50 miles, whatever the math… it’s like a beat and a beat and suddenly you’re through the blue! And you’re black! And you’re in, you know, it’s mysterious and galaxies and things, but what you see is black, and what you see below is light, and that’s the difference.

and it should not be [to Bezos] You have done something, I mean whatever those people are doing, what they haven’t, they don’t do, I don’t know about them. What you have given me is the most profound experience I can imagine. I’m so passionate about what happened, I’m just… it’s extraordinary, extraordinary. I hope I never get over this. I hope I can maintain what I feel now, I don’t want to lose it. It’s like… it’s bigger than me and life. It has nothing to do with the little green planet, the blue orb and – it has nothing to do with it. It has to do with the vastness, and the speed and suddenness of life and death and – oh my god.

Bezos: this is so beautiful.

Shatner: Beautiful, yes, beautiful in its own way, but—

Bezos: No, I mean your words.

Shatner: Oh my word.

Bezos: It’s just wonderful.

Shatner: What I can’t even begin to express… What I would love to do is communicate the threat as much as possible, the moment you see how… the vulnerability of everything – it’s so small! This air that is keeping us alive is thinner than your skin! It’s a swirl, very small when you think in terms of the universe. It is negligible, this air. Mars does not have it. nothing… I mean, it… and when you think, wait, carbon dioxide turns [sic] As for oxygen, what is it, 20% or something, that level maintains our lives – it’s so dilute, dirtying it up – I mean, that’s another whole topic-

Bezos: And you shoot through it, what were you saying about shooting through it so fast.

Shatner: so early! fifty miles-

Bezos: —and then you’re just in blackness!

Shatner: And you are in death! moment-

Bezos: This is life.

Shatner: This is life, this is death. And it is, in an instant you go, ‘Whoa, that’s death!’ That’s what I saw

Bezos: She is amazing. She is amazing.

Shatner: I am overwhelmed. I did not know. You know, we were talking before we went, ‘Well, you know, it’s going to be different,’ ‘Yeah,’ and whatever phrase you have, it’s that your about things. There is a different point of view. It doesn’t begin to explain, well, to describe what, for me, I mean everyone… but – and it’s commercial now – everyone, everyone has a medium to share that experience. It would be so important to get from one or the other. I mean maybe you can put it on 3D and wear goggles-

Bezos: Yes.

Shatner: —and get that experience. I mean, it’s definitely a technical possibility. But what do you need… We’re lying there and I’m thinking, ‘It’s a delay after another delay,’ we’re lying there, how do I feel, and I’m thinking, ‘I I’m a little irritable here,’ and well they’re gone [inaudible]’Oh, there’s something in the engine, they found an anomaly in the engine,’ ‘they found an anomaly in the engine?’ ‘We’ll stay a little longer.’ ‘Oh, will you wait a little longer?’ And I feel this, you know, belly, inside biome, and I’m thinking, ‘Okay, I’m thinking I’m a little nervous here’ – another delay – ‘I’m a little more nervous ,’ and then things begin. By the way, this is simulation, they should be [inaudible] – This is only a simulation. Everything else is much more powerful.

Bezos: does not capture-

Shatner: – And besides, the danger does not capture. blast, this thing is hit, you go [imitates shaking], Do you know. It was nothing like a simulation.

Bezos: G-Force is pulling your skin!

Shatner: Yeah, g-force and your abs and you’re like, ‘What’s going to happen to me? Am I going to be able to escape the G-Force?’ you think ‘Will I survive this?’ And then I think, ‘Good god, you know, getting the bloody gantry up was enough!’

Bezos: [laughs]

Shatner: Oh god what an experience, what a. nothing nothing…

Bezos: It seemed that you spent a moment of camaraderie with your comrades there.

Shatner: Oh, we all hugged each other. You know, you share, it’s really like being at war together. And this is the bondage of being in war. But you are also entangled inside yourself. Oh God. I have had an experience.

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