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twitter permanently banned Account A 165-year-old newspaper out of Mason City, Iowa, is shutting down, without explanation, according to the outlet’s news editor, but it’s unclear at this point whether this is Twitter’s latest glitch or if the paper’s “ordinary” content stream has somehow changed. She has run away from the rules of Twitter.

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Globe Gazette Editor Lisa Groet explains forbes That Twitter suspended the newspaper’s account on Tuesday for an unspecified violation of its rules, which the paper appealed against.

Groot said that when she went to check the Twitter account on Wednesday, she found that the suspension had been upgraded to a permanent ban — again due to an undisclosed rule violation.

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“We don’t spam and we don’t support hate speech,” Groet said, while the only national news published by the outlet comes from a wire service.

The paper’s recent coverage did not include “anything out of the ordinary”, according to Groet, who dismissed a theory that the Twitter account may have shared something that violated copyright laws, as its content was either is original or derived from Associated. Press.

Twitter and CEO Elon Musk did not immediately respond to requests for comment. forbes,

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"We are just a local newspaper in Iowa," Groet said, adding the suspension is hurting business. "It's very disappointing because obviously we want to grow our readership and the way everything is going is digital."

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Globe Gazette It is owned by Iowa-based Lee Enterprises, which operates dozens of smaller dailies across the country. none of these Globe GazetteThe Twitter accounts of the Key Sister Papers have been suspended.

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Musk promoted a vision of turning Twitter into an online free speech haven before taking control of the platform in October, but he has faced massive accusations of trying to silence his critics fast Corresponds with hard-right personalities and tends to be more adversarial with the media. In December, Twitter suspended journalists who criticized Musk, after the billionaire said he flouted a swiftly enacted policy prohibiting "doxing real-time location information" by sharing a link to a tracker of his private jet. Violated. A change in his off-the-cuff policy and his decision to lay off a large portion of Twitter's former employees has regulators worried - the Federal Trade Commission ordered Twitter to turn over all communications "related to Elon Musk". while the European Union reportedly raised a possible ban partly because of Twitter's "arbitrary" approach to banning and restoring users. Musk has repeatedly denied favoritism playing any role in Twitter's content moderation decisions, portraying himself as a centrist eager to appease both the far right and the far left. Glorifying violence, posting hateful content and harassment is among the prohibited content that Twitter outlines set of rules "To ensure that everyone can freely and safely participate in the public conversation."

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Several major glitches have plagued Twitter in recent weeks, at times causing brief outages. Two Republican senators—Mike Lee (Utah) and Steve Daines (Mont.)—also recently briefly suspended their accounts, which Musk said Held responsible for errors.

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