Will Humana Stock Rebound After A Large Fall Last Week?

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stock of Human It has seen a huge drop of 17% compared to the previous month, while it was down around 22% last week. HUM stock rose from a level of around $390 in early October 2021 to a level of around $470 by the end of the year, before falling to the level of $363 it currently is. This recent decline can be attributed to the company’s revised outlook, slashing its 2022 forecast for Medicare membership growth from 325K to 375K members by nearly half, from 150K to 200K members. The company now expects its EPS to grow toward the low end of its previously provided growth range of 11% to 15%. Humana is facing challenges in retaining its customers with a higher than anticipated completion during the 2022 enrollment window. The company’s management cited increasing competition as the reason for the increase in terminations. Following this development, some Wall Street analysts also expressed concern over the company’s outlook, weighing further on HUM stock.

But now that HUM stock is down a massive 17% in a month, will it continue its downtrend, or is a rebound imminent? Such a huge move is unusual for HUM stock and has only happened 20 times in the past ten years. Nevertheless, according to historical performance, there is HUM stock has high potential for growth in the next month, of 20 examples Over the past ten years, HUM’s stock has seen a decline of 17% or more in twenty-one days, all 20 of them The stock of HUM increased as a result one month later (twenty one trading days). This historical pattern shows a very high potential for growth in HUM stock over the next month. View our analysis Humana Stock Chance of a Rise for more information.

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While HUM stock could see higher levels next month, it’s helpful to see how its peers stack up. check out Humana stock comparison with peers Click here to see how HUM stock compares against peers on important metrics. You can find more useful comparisons like this here peer comparison,

Calculation of ‘event probability’ and ‘increase probability’ using data from last ten years

  • After rising -21.7% or more in a span of five days, the stock rose on 50% of the occasions over the next five days.
  • After rising -21.1% or more over a ten-day period, the stock rose on 71% occasions over the next ten days
  • After rising -17.5% or more over a twenty-one day period, the stock rose on 100% of the occasions over the next twenty-one days.

This pattern suggests that HUM stock has an equal chance of rising or falling over the next five days, while it is likely to see higher levels over the next ten days and one month.

Humana Stock Return (Recent) Comparison with Peers

  • Five-Day Returns: CI High of 1.5%; HUM lowest at -21.7%
  • ten-day return: CI highest 3.2%; HUM lowest at -21.1%
  • Twenty One Day Returns: CI Highs of 11.9%; HUM lowest at -17.5%

While HUM stock may see a rebound, the COVID-19 crisis has created several pricing discontinuities that could provide lucrative trading opportunities. For example, you’d be surprised how intuitive it is to approach stock valuations. allegation vs humana,

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