Americans’ view of actor Will Smith has plummeted from where it was in 2020, a new Morning Consult poll finds, after he drew widespread criticism for slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Academy Awards Sunday night.

Key Facts

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Only 50% of US adults now view Smith favorably, the poll found, down from 80% in January 2020 and 77% in September 2018.

A higher share of, 60%, have a favorable view of Rock.

A 66% majority said they found Smith’s behavior at the Oscars “somewhat” or “very” inappropriate, while only 26% approved of it (9% had no opinion).

A 50% plurality did not believe Smith’s apology during his Oscars acceptance speech—in which he apologized to the Academy, but not to Rock personally—was “adequate,” and 49% believed Smith should have been removed from the ceremony for his actions ( only 23% thought Rock should have).

Respondents were split on whether Smith should be invited back to the awards next year, with 42% saying he definitely or probably should be and 40% saying he shouldn’t (19% were unsure).

The poll was conducted among 6,609 US adults from March 30-31, a few days after the Oscars ceremony on March 27.


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