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Travelers hoping to enter the EU or travel within the bloc may be required to have a COVID booster shot nine months after full vaccination, the European Commission said. as proposed Thursday, in an effort to prioritize vaccination status rather than the country of departure of a traveler, as the continent grapples with a rise in COVID-19.

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If EU ministers approve the proposal, international travelers whose full doses of the vaccine are more than nine months old will have to show proof of a booster shot starting in January 2022. Businesshala,

The proposal also suggested accepting WHO-approved vaccines, which would open borders to non-essential travellers, with vaccines made in China and India. Reuters,

Recommendation to impose nine-month deadline on vaccine validity stems from science as immunity declines six months, ns Guardian informed of, adding that an additional three months were added to give the government time to roll out booster shots.

The commission expects the bloc’s 27 nations to adopt the new rule to avoid confusion.

Children below the age of 12 years are exempted from travel rules related to Kovid in the block Guardian informed of,

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