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A 10-month-long review of Wisconsin’s 2020 election, conducted by a conservative group in the state, found no signs of widespread or significant electoral fraud, according to a new report of its findings, with the continuing throngs of electoral fraud as a battleground. Goes through a controversial partisan election audit, further debunking baseless allegations.

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NS Investigation “No evidence of widespread voter fraud” was found by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL), which it defined as “a deliberate attempt to reverse an election” by allowing voters to vote for a specific candidate. Prevents them from supporting or counting their vote, “attempting to gain votes that were never cast” or “wrongly increasing” a candidate’s vote share.

The investigation, which examined nearly 20,000 ballots and 29,000 absentee ballots, along with other analysis methods, found “limited” evidence of individuals casting ballots when ineligible to do so, such as 130 reported instances of registered hooligans voting and 42 reported ballots from dead voters.

Despite claims linking voting machines to electoral fraud with the Dominion voting system, Will found “no evidence of significant problems with voting machines” and noted Democrats performed “worse than expected” in areas that use Dominion machines. did.

The group also rejected right-wing claims of “ballot dumping” artificially increasing President Joe Biden’s vote total.

The investigation drew many criticisms of how state elections were run, targeting ballot boxes, how state electoral rolls were maintained and private funding that went to Democratic-leaning areas, and argued that many votes were cast. who did not comply with existing legal requirements” for Wisconsin elections.

That being said, Will notes that there is no evidence to show that voters who cast those ballots “deliberately did anything wrong” and were merely following the advice of election officials, and even if It is not the reason why some state rules have not been followed correctly, or on the grounds of “presuming fraud” to take those ballots out.

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