A job seeker has gone viral for airing her frustration with companies that do not list salaries on their listings, only to fault candidates for prioritizing pay later in the interview process.

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Maysun vented about her latest experience in a TikTok video on May 4, racking up 2.2 million views and thousands of comments from people who had seen her story play out in their own lives.

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“Listen, I need these companies and these hiring managers to grow up and get a grip on reality,” Maysun vented at the start of her video.

The candidate explained that she had applied to a job listed without salary information, which was already a “red flag.”

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“That should be f**king illegal at this point. List the f**king pay, it’s a job,” she fumed.

In New York City, a new law requiring companies to post salary ranges on job postings went into effect on May 15. According to the law, advertising a job without minimum and maximum pay is “an unlawful discriminatory practice.” Activists have argued that critical open discussions of salary are a step toward ensuring equal pay for women.

New York City joined numerous other states with similar laws. Connecticut, Nevada and Rhode Island all approved pay transparency laws in 2021.
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Maysun’s video did not specify in which state she was applying for work.

She continued through the interview process despite the lack of pay transparency, she said. At the end of her interview, the hiring manager revealed the salary, which was too low for her.

“And so he asks me how I’m feeling, and I said frankly, the pay is low and I can’t work for that. I’m going to be completely honest—and I brought up that it wasn’t listed on the job listing.”

In response, she claimed the interviewer said, “There’s a lot more here to gain than just money. We’re looking for people that are motivated by more than just money.”

The infuriated job seeker told her audience, “This is what I mean when I say they need to grow up. I don’t know what fantasy world you’re living in, where people are letting you pay them in gold star stickers or whatever the f**k, but I live in the real world where people need money to survive.”

In closing, she demanded, “How the f**k are you going to make me seem like the bad guy for needing f**king money?”

Her audience empathized with her anger, sharing similar experiences of their own.

“My motivation is keeping a roof over my kids’ heads and food in their bellies,” said one comment. “Can’t do that in gold stars.”

Another viewer sarcastically referenced companies that offered “opportunities to grow” as an advantage that superseded pay. “How about the opportunity to keep my apartment,” they wrote.

Last month, another TikToker went viral for taking to the street and asking strangers to disclose their jobs and salaries as part of a campaign to promote pay transparency.

Newsweek reached out to Maysun for comment.