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Women entrepreneurs build businesses, create jobs and drive economic impact Career Climbers / March 7, 2023

Women-owned businesses in the U.S. top 12 million and generate $2.1 trillion in annual revenues, with female founders representing 22.4% of all small business owners, according to SCORE, the guardian of America’s small businesses and US Small Business A resource partner of the administration. This Women’s History Month, SCORE celebrates women entrepreneurs and their indelible impact on the American economy.

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“Throughout history, women have overcome obstacles to business success through grit, innovation, and persistence to achieve their dreams. Any woman looking to start or grow a business SCORE is proud to be a partner,” said CEO Bridget Weston. SCORE provides free advice, support and resources for entrepreneurs across the country.

On Wednesday, March 15, SCORE will host a free online event celebrating Women’s History Month and women-owned small businesses. For the first time in history, the leaders of SCORE and the SCORE Foundation, as well as the chair of both boards of directors, are women. SCORE CEO Bridget Weston, SCORE Foundation President Liz Sarah, and Board Chairs Tracy Shaw and Patricia Loftus will talk about leadership, the power of women in business, and the many resources available to women entrepreneurs on their path to success. Click here to register or learn more.

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When it comes to starting a business, the SCORE meta-analysis indicated that the top challenges reported by female founders included:

47% – Lack of money 38% – Work/life balance 35% – Marketing 32% – Difficulty growing 29% – Networking

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To address these challenges, SCORE provides free and confidential business counseling along with tools created specifically for women entrepreneurs. SCORE’s volunteer network of expert business advisors – many of whom are successful women small business owners or corporate executives themselves – helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals in all 50 US states and territories.

“Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, stressful and you can feel lost at times,” said Kelly Twitchell, inventor, CEO and co-founder of Access Tracks in San Diego, California. “Score really prepared me for what was to come, helped me avoid a lot of mistakes, and made me feel more confident about being a small business owner.

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