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In the latest example of the federal government showing that it considers UFOs to be a very real threat, the Defense Department announced plans late Tuesday for a new group to look into reports of unidentified airborne incidents, because there were actually Speculation abounds on what it is.

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The new program, called the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group, will investigate reports of UFOs in special-use airspace (SUA), such as military operation areas, “for any related threats to the security of flight and national security.” to assess and reduce”. the pentagon said News release,

The announcement comes five months after the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report on 144 UFO sightings by Navy pilots since 2004, in which intelligence officials were unable to interpret 143 sightings but concluded they were real objects. which pose a threat to national security.

Mark Warner (D-VA), the pressure has mounted on the government to intensify its research to come up with some sort of explanation. saying This summer: “When you have so much visual and radar evidence that something is there… we have to find answers.”

In January, the CIA released thousands of documents it claimed were the equivalent of all its UFO research, but—like the June report—failed to answer the incident.

Public interest in UFOs also reached a fever pitch this year, with Google Trends statistics Searches such as “UFOs” and “UFO sightings” are showing spikes for most of the year, although this has decreased slightly in the fall.

huge increase in sighting The number of visits by the general public coincides with the COVID-19 pandemic – reportedly a 16% increase nationwide in 2020, with New York doubling the number of visits.

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