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More than 8 million Americans tuned in yellowstone On Sunday, giving the Kevin Costner-anchored drama a larger audience than any non-sports show on primetime television last week, an unusual accolade for a scripted cable series.

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yellowstoneseason four Premiere Cable network Paramount had an average of about 8.4 million viewers, according to data compiled by Nielsen, and episode two — which aired shortly afterwards — drew more than 7.8 million viewers.

Two episodes beat every other show on primetime cable or broadcast TV last week, aside from normally major live sports broadcasts like NBC Sunday Night Football (14.2 million viewers), Fox World Series Game Six (about 14 million viewers) and ESPN monday night football (about 12 million viewers).

both episodes of yellowstone generally attracted a larger audience than higher-rated broadcast series such as NCIS, young sheldon And Sound, and they went ahead 60 minutes And every show on Fox News.

of great quality tried to build anticipation by broadcast yellowstone reruns last week, and US-based Google searches for yellowstone jumped a bit Early in the week before spiking during Sunday night’s premiere.


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